So, what’s the deal with selling at Wasteland? It’s super easy! Here’s the rundown: drop by any Wasteland store with clothes, shoes, and accessories. Our Melrose, Studio City, San Francisco and Highland Park locations all buy daily seven days a week - yes, even weekends! You can expect an average wait time of approximately five to 20 minutes. We know your time is valuable so we do everything we can to make sure you won’t have to wait too long. Since we’re all about quality, please ensure your clothes are clean and in new or almost-new condition.

You’re here. What next? Your buyer will give you a quick brief of what we are currently buying and will look through your items piece by piece – deciding what to buy and how much to price it for. Your buyer will price the item right there at the buying counter, total the selling prices of all the items they selected, and pay you 30% of the total marked prices. So, you’ll know exactly what your pieces are being priced at and how much you’ll be making. Wasteland is one of the few resale shops that pay outright for clothing – meaning you get paid on the spot! One important detail: sellers must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid US state ID, driver’s license, or passport.

But how do the buyers decide? The decision of whether or not to buy an item is based on a few key factors:  Wasteland inventory is highly-curated so we consider the cut, color, and fabric of your item, as well as the condition. We also buy seasonally. Again, we only buy clothes that are clean and in good condition. We buy vintage, designer, and modern brands. Of course, some brands are more desirable than others and some designers are more coveted than others. Our buyers go through extensive training and are in the know of the current designer market, so we are able to value some premium designer labels (see our list below) at a higher price. Of course, feel free to ask for a second opinion if you don’t feel we are valuing your item correctly!

Still not sure? Wasteland’s trained buyers are all fashion junkies and our loyal customer following allows us to buy the best and pay the most! Here are a few FAQs that we hope will answer any last questions you may have. If you still have questions, give us a call or just come on in and we’ll set your mind at ease!



Selling your clothes is not only a good way to keep your wardrobe fresh and current, but it’s also eco-friendly. We want your selling experience to be a positive one, so here are some frequently asked questions about how we work:

When do you buy clothes from the public and do I need to make an appointment?

You do not need an appointment to sell clothes. All our locations, Hollywood, Studio City, San Francisco & Highland Park buy everyday from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. We stop buying promptly at 6 p.m. so we suggest arriving early. We want to be able to attend to every customer.


What is Wasteland looking for?

All of our locations cater to their specific customer, so there can be differences based on which store you go to – but, our goal is essentially the same. Wasteland selects designer labels, some modern labels, and vintage from the ‘20s through the ‘90s. We look for items to be clean, in good condition, and on-trend. We look for items that are really special, whether it be a quality designer piece, a unique and relevant vintage one, or a fashion-forward item for our trendsetting customer.


How do your buyers know what to take and how does pricing work?

Years of experience have taught our buyers what sells in our stores. They are carefully trained to select what is desirable to our customer and to sell it at a price that pleases both our sellers and our shoppers. We have a discerning eye, but we give the best prices around!


Do I have to wait for my clothes to sell before I get paid?

No, we buy clothing outright for 30% of our retail price. You get paid on the spot (in cash for a total less than $50 or by check for a total over $50). Unlike consignment, you receive your cash right away.


Can your buyers come to my house?

Unfortunately, we cannot send our buyers out. If you are a first-time seller, we recommend you bring a small selection in to get a feel for our process and what we are looking for.


What does it mean if Wasteland passes on my items?

Please, don’t take it personally! We do our best to please all our customers, but we can only buy what we think can sell. We buy according to the season and our stock and our buyers will be happy to let you know if there is something you can bring at a later date.

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